Assessing the Current Situation

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Exploring the current situation is done in a few ways. Here are a few of the steps that could be involved:

  • Discussion with the Business Owner on what their concerns are and what they feel needs to be done.
  • Discussion with employees in positions that are affected by the books or the processes. Often times they offer key insights into challenges that others may not see.
  • In regards to the bookkeeping, we would need access to your books to review the existing postings. This helps us get a feel for how things are currently being input.
  • Speak with your Accountant to make sure we have all the information necessary for your particular set of books. This reduces the need for corrections to be made at year-end.
  • As for procedures, we would like to see what processes, both documented and undocumented, you have in place.

After the assessment, we will sit down and create a plan of action. Here we will determine the steps we need to take, time frames and frequency.

Our strengths include efficiency, accuracy, objectivity, reliability and integrity. We value the relationships we have with our clients and strive to exceed their expectations.


What sets Linda apart from other bookkeepers is her knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes. What I mean is, when a transaction is entered into an accounting program, the system will handle the debits and credits. Linda knows what should be happening and her attention to detail makes sure everything is accurate. She understands how to read financial statements and can interpret items on them.  Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements are tools she utilizes when working with clients so that they will better understand their business. She is an excellent communicator and makes it easy for business owners to understand what they are looking at. She makes sure that she, the client and the accountant are all on the same page throughout the year. No one likes surprises at tax time which are avoidable when there is dialogue throughout the year.

– Robert Thresher, CPA, Attleboro, Massachusetts

We truly believe this is a mutual selection process!
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