Procedure Documentation and Office Organization

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Procedures / Organization

Here are some of the things we consider when looking at procedure documentation and office organization:

  • How are things being done now, and why
  • Are there internal controls in place to prevent fraud or theft
    • How credit cards numbers are processed and stored
    • How and where employee information is handled and filed
    • Who has access to confidential information and how is that managed?
    • Who has access to company banking or credit card information?
  • What areas or tasks cause the most frustration?
  • Do you have a succession plan? Documented procedures are great when you have any kind of transition.

We realize that as the Business Owner you wear many hats. You are running a business, managing employees, handling sales, customer service and that doesn’t include any outside responsibilities like family. This takes a lot of time and energy and often we fly by the seat of our pants. Let Pathfinder Bookkeeping and Coaching help ease some of that frustration and stress and help to simplify your business life.

What a life saver!

Linda took over our books after three years of nightmarish experience with previous bookkeepers. She cleaned up a three-year mess for three businesses and she did it with pleasure. Linda is not just thorough and detail oriented, she has passion for details. Nothing gets by her! Linda brought great relief to our lives by taking care of the most stressful aspect of our business. We can now focus our time and attention on what we do best – running our business. What a life saver! Thank-you Linda.

Dele Ajele, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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