Bookkeeping FAQs

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Bookkeeping FAQs

Entrepreneurs tend to have a do it yourself mentality. User friendly programs like Quickbooks often make it seem easy, but often when they hire a Bookkeeper, they find that records were not quite as accurate as they thought which could result in paying more taxes than necessary. Here is how a Bookkeeper can help:

  •           Give you more time to focus on your business
  •           Bookkeepers are exclusively focused on the records, less distraction
  •           Cash flow, know your numbers
  •           Save money, no wages, payroll taxes, office space expense
  •           Experienced so will often take less time
  •           Works closely with your CPA so everyone is on the same page
  •           Books are ready for tax preparation at year end
  •           Sales tax filings
  •           Accuracy

This is a trick question. Businesses should have both. An Accountant will analyze the big picture of your financial situation and file your tax return. Bookkeepers handle daily, weekly, monthly and year end tasks recording income and expenses and reconciling bank and credit card statements each month.

This would depend on the services provided. If we are doing monthly work, we would communicate each month. With this said, anytime something comes up that should be brought to the client’s attention, it would happen immediately, not wait until the next month. There is also ongoing communication when necessary with the Accountant so all three of us are on the same page. Open communication will often save a lot of time down the road.

This would depend on how the books are being done. In most cases we would suggest monthly but this would be a discussion point when your needs are being assessed.

There are basically two ways for this to happen. One is completely electronic where we would retrieve bank and credit card statements online. This as well as other necessary documentation that may apply allows us to do the books without bothering the busy business owner. For those who are not comfortable with that, once a month a package would be compiled to be mailed to our office. This is something we can discuss in the free consultation to see what best suit your needs.

We truly believe this is a mutual selection process!
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