Increasing Sales through Referrals

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Increasing Sales through Referrals

In this day and age with information at our finger tips, sometimes it is hard to keep up. Ironically, there is still a tried and true way to build your business, and that is through word-of-mouth. Think about it, even when we use social media, what do we do. We check out reviews, what others have to say about a business, product or service. We want to know the experiences that others have before we make our decision to go with a company. That is what word-of-mouth is about.

Are you referable? Often times when asked this, people say “we have great customer service”. Is that enough?

What are you doing to help others? Are you referring them?

What actions do you take that may make you unlikely to be referred?

Working with a Business Coach can help with this process. We help identify other businesses and individuals that you can build a relationship with where you help each other. We assess actions a Business Owner can take to increase referrals through word-of-mouth, as well what they may be doing that is hurting their chances of being referred, often times without realizing it.

We truly believe this is a mutual selection process!
Your path to success begins with us!
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