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Set up: The set-up of Quickbooks is important to ensure the accuracy of your books

  • Understand what is happening behind the scenes for each entry (debits and credits)
  • Set up items for your products and services
  • Create lists to streamline processes with customers and vendors
  • Correct entity information as well as cash vs accrual basis
  • Make sure sales tax codes are all accurate
  • Create the Chart of Accounts

Catch up:

  • Get caught up if your books are behind
  • Recreate all the transactions electronically


  • Train employees on how to use Quickbooks
  • Explain how to read the financial reports to the Business Owner so they may be used to manage their business
  • Have checks and balances to reduce the chance of theft and fraud

Tune up:

  • Optimize Chart of Accounts-depending on the version of Quickbooks you have, there may be limits on the use of Chart of Accounts and if you exceed this, Quickbooks could freeze your account until you upgrade.
  • Review Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss for accuracy.
  • Review processes for inputting and reconciliations
  • Confirm that procedures are in place where applicable
  • Problem solving
  • Review that the Sales Tax is being handled and paid properly

Clean up:

  • If you know there are problems with your books and you don’t know what to do, contact Pathfinder Bookkeeping.
  • We can get to the bottom of any set of books and make things right.
  • In come cases, we are able to make adjustments to the existing set of books, and in other cases we find it is more time efficient and cost effective to just start over.

Keep up:

  • We can help you with your ongoing bookkeeping needs either weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  • We can streamline a lot of the entries utilizing features within the Quickbooks program.
  • Please see the section on Ongoing Support for more information.

Hands down the best bookkeeper ever!

Linda is an outstanding bookkeeper. She took over our company books after the previous bookkeepers had made a complete mess of them. She rebuilt them from scratch and we now have books that help us run our business efficiently. Her timeliness and attention to detail are second to none. If you need top notch bookkeeper who is a joy to work with, I highly recommend her.

– Moji Ajele, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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