Ongoing Support

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Ongoing Support

Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly, Remote or Onsite

The process begins with a free consultation. At this time, we determine if we are a good match for each other. We will then assess your current bookkeeping situation and present options to meet your needs. These include:

  • Catching up the books
  • Tuning up books
  • Starting up the books (for a new company)
  • Cleaning up the books
  • Keeping up with the books
  • Automating the books

The next step would be to discuss frequency. Sometimes we help clients with a one-time clean up and help them train a new employee. Often times our clients find it is cost effective to outsource monthly bookkeeping but may have someone on hand who writes checks and deposits payments. In this case, the monthly work would consist of verifying the accuracy, or sometimes doing the input if that hasn’t been done, reconciling the bank and credit card statements and recording third party payroll and make other necessary adjustments.

Below is a list of services we provide:

Catch Up Services

  • Often times as a business owner, we can get behind in the record keeping. This can become costly in terms of penalties and fees on unpaid taxes.
  • Without accurate record keeping it is hard to see “where we are” in the business. Is it profitable, where can you increase profit and/or cut expenses?
  • We have experience with helping clients catch up who have been years behind. There is always a sense of relief when they are able to file the old tax returns and begin using current financial reports to manage their business in the here and now.

Ongoing support: weekly/monthly/quarterly

  • Transactions/record keeping
    • Sales/Deposits
    • Invoice clients
    • Separate business from personal expenses
    • Categorize expenses made on debit/credit cards
    • Pay bills/write checks
    • Enter 3rd party payroll
    • Enter journal entries and make any necessary adjustments
  • Reconciliations
    • All bank accounts
    • All credit card accounts
    • Review and reconcile all Balance Sheet accounts
    • Close out the accounting month
  • Monthly Reports
    • Balance sheet
    • Profit and Loss
    • Any other reports needed
    • Review for accuracy
    • Review for trends
    • Make suggestions for increasing profit
    • Explain financial reports so the owner understands the valuable information they provide
  • Year End Close
    • Review all data and accounts for accuracy before sending to CPA
    • 1099 and 1096-preparation and filing
    • Year End adjusting journal entries from your Accountant

Other Services

  • Accounts Receivable-helping to collect money that is owed to the business. Often times Business Owners are reluctant to have this conversation with their clients as they don’t want to hurt their business relationship. This is essential for cash flow!
  • Create a budget
  • Taxes: tracking and submission
    • Sales taxes
    • Local taxes
    • Make sure payroll taxes paid accurately and on time
    • Stay on top of Estimated taxes

We truly believe this is a mutual selection process!
Your path to success begins with us!
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