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Coaching Services

Do you want to grow your business, but can’t get away from the day to day details? Are your actions in alignment with your goals? Do you seem to be short fused and stressed out all the time? If you answered yes to any of those questions, a Business Coach could be the solution!

We at Pathfinder Coaching specialize in helping reduce stress and increase profit. Often times as a business owner we procrastinate or put off some tough conversations. As your Coach, we will help you get to those important actions that will take your business to the next level. Having a Coach will help keep you accountable and motivate you to  accomplish goals that may have seemed unattainable in the past.

Our office is located in Pinellas Park, FL. With technologies like Zoom, Skype and the phone, we can work with clients anywhere in the U.S. Working virtually, we can connect with clients from Houston to Detroit to nearby St. Petersburg.

Coaches will push you out of your comfort zone and help take you to the next level of your business. We will help guide you to achieve the goals that you want.

Our Coaching Services include:

Doing Business during Covid-19

With the global coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have had to make changes to how they do business. How is your business fairing? – Read More

Time Management

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” – John Wooden – Read More

Financial Management & Succession Planning

Do you know where your business stands, financially? Do you have a succession plan in place? – Read More

Increasing Sales through Referrals

Word-of-Mouth is one of the most powerful ways to increase your business. – Read More

Management and Team Building

Did you know that although the customer is always right, your employees are an important part of your business? – Read More

A trusted advisor!

Linda’s high ethics, business experience & accounting expertise are a winning combination if you want to bring your business to the next level. It doesn’t matter what question you ask her she never makes you feel incompetent. In fact, she educates you along the way which only helps to make you more successful. She can spot a bookkeeping error from a mile away because she can tell when something doesn’t quite make sense. I am beyond grateful for her help with finding and correcting errors & more complex issues over the years.

– Brenda Curry, Middleboro, Massachusetts

We truly believe this is a mutual selection process!
Your Path to Success Begins with Us!
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